13 Ways you destroy your mental health

You can easily affect your mind, which is generally sensitive to your mood. We all have upsetting life events that leave you rattled and these can cause depression. However, you may have some habits on your daily routine that can actually impact your mood and can eventually lead to depression and anxiety. Being educated with these 13 bad habits that can cause mental pitfalls can help you in the long run.


  1. You have an abusive partner. This is often a delicate subject because many people do not know they are in a toxic relationship. However, when you always have to deal with someone who makes you feel incompetent, this may lead to depression.


  1. You don’t talk to other people. Chatting on Facebook and texting are not healthy means of communicating. You need to talk to people you know in person; otherwise, this can affect your mental health.


  1. You don’t have an alone time. When you are always surrounded with people, it has numerous positive effects, but it can also get you down. You should always find time for yourself, even if for just 10 minutes a day.


  1. Someone is bullying you. If you let someone bully you, this can result to you being depressed without question. Bullying is not only for students; it also happens at work and even at home.


  1. You are always serious – too serious. If you make a mistake and you become terribly embarrassed with yourself, this will eat your self-esteem in the long run. Instead of being embarrassed, laugh at what happened. Be humorous as this not only benefits your mental health, but also your physical health.


  1. You avoid exercise. It is not just about your body’s health. When you exercise, it can boost your mood as being physically active can cause positive brain chemicals and hormones that affect your mood to produce more. Plus, it also increases your confidence, so there is no excuse to avoid exercise.


  1. You don’t sleep enough. If you keep yourself up at night, stress and irritability may result. Depriving yourself from sleep can increase the risk of developing depression.


  1. You put off some tasks. If you procrastinate, you will only cause yourself to be anxious of the result of your decision. It can be nerve-wracking, so be sure to always tackle your tasks or problems head on to relieve stress.


  1. You multitask. While putting off some tasks can be depressing, the same thing happens when you multitask. When you eat your lunch while texting, watching TV, and checking your social media accounts, you are not being productive. You are actually causing stress and you are not able to communicate with other people effectively.


  1. Your phone is always with you. Some people cannot live without their smartphones. The first thing they do when they wake up is to check their phone and that’s what they do when they are in bed as well. This does not allow the brain and body to rest and regenerate, causing depression in just a few years.


  1. You snap pictures of everything. Being famous on Instagram will not work on your advantage – mentally. Instead of remembering moments, you take pictures of what you see in museums, concerts, and anything you can find. You don’t enjoy yourself and you tend to ignore the action in front of you.


  1. You’re a sloucher. Your walking style can affect your mood. Walking with your shoulders slouched supports remembering negative things that have happened. Stand up straight starting today to improve your mood.


  1. You compare yourself with other people. When you constantly compare your income, possessions, and happenings in life with your neighbors, friends, and everyone, you will never have a reason to be happy. Focus on what you have and be thankful instead.


When it comes to mental health, your everyday routine can affect your mood. It’s time to break the bad habits to become more positive in life and eventually avoid depression, stress, and anxiety.

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