Fact: Guinness Beer Is Actually Red, Not Black

Guinness, that beloved stout that you drink religiously and is as filling as a dinner, is not what you think.

If you take a look at glass of Guinness, it’s black, right? If you’re being picky, it’s a deep, deep chocolate brown. But actually, it’s not black at all. It’s not even brown. This pint of beer is red ― and the Guinness website confirms it.


A punch of Guinness like you’d see in a pub.



When you hold a pint of Guinness up to the light ― which, to be fair, doesn’t happen often considering the environment in which it is often consumed ― you’ll see that this stout is in fact ruby red. Take a look:

A slow pour of Guinness in front of a light shows that this beer is in fact red

The ruby red color is a result of the way the malted barley is roasted during the beer’s preparation.

Now that we’ve got that all taken care off, it’s time you learned how to pour yourself a proper stout.


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